Aren’t trees amazing? They clean the air, provide oxygen and cool streets as well as homes in the summer. They bring so much beauty to any landscape and have a soothing effect on the nerves. For all of these reasons, it is desirable to have trees on your property. To get the most out of your trees, you have to provide them with adequate care. A professional tree contractor like A+ Tree Service can help you with that. Our Bryan TX company offers a full range of tree services – from tree maintenance to tree removal.

Our services include:

  • dangerous tree removal
  • stump grinding
  • lot clearing
  • chipping
  • bucket truck work
  • fence line clearing
  • skidsteer work
  • trimming
  • …and many more

The most common type of tree maintenance is tree cutting, which is actually the cutting of tree branches, or portions of them. Allow A+ Tree Service, in Bryan TX, to do your branch cutting for you, and you will be pleased with the results. We are the tree company you can rely on.

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A+ Tree Service did a great job for us. The area around the tree was clean, leveled and looks as if a tree was never there. The crews you sent out were professional and friendly.
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There are two types of tree cutting. These are:

Tree Trimming

Tree trimming can be likened to a haircut, as it is done for aesthetic purposes. Trees that look well-groomed increase the value of your property. What is typical of trimming is that only the newly grown leaves and outer parts of the branches are cut. Thus, the tree crown is shaped.

Tree Pruning

Tree TrimmerTree pruning is a branch cutting procedure, as well. However it is done in a different way and for different reasons. When a tree is pruned, bigger portions of the tree limb are cut. Sometimes, the entire branch has to be removed.

One reason for pruning trees is to improve their health. When a branch is decayed or insect-infested, it poses a risk to the overall health of the entire tree. Removing such a tree limb eliminates the danger. Another reason why a tree has to be pruned is to ensure the safety of people, structures and vehicles. Sick or overgrown tree limbs are more likely to fall and cause trouble.

Whatever the reasons why branch cutting is done, it has to be performed professionally, in order to have the desired effect. A tree is a living organism, so one has to know how to cut its branches, without killing it. If you want your trees to live and thrive, hire us to trim or prune them. A+ Tree Service, in Bryan TX, has the required expertise and equipment to properly cut a tree branch. Our excellent tree specialist will handle your tree with the utmost care and professionalism. Besides tree maintenance, we also do tree removal.

Tree Removal

Why remove a tree? If a tree suffers an incurable disease, is dead, you plan to make changes in your landscape design or need to clear the lot for construction purposes, the tree becomes unnecessary. Removing a tree is a labor-intensive task that also requires proper equipment and a specific skill set. Moreover, felling trees is dangerous. As skilled and knowledgeable tree contractors, we can remove your tree safely and expertly. Because we are very well-trained and highly experienced, we can also do the job fast.

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